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Discover the power of online customer service channels

Delivering a high quality round-the-clock customer service isn’t easy within any industry. Today’s “know it all, want it all” customers demand far more from utilities. They expect better and more services and when they need assistance, they want answers fast and through a channel of their choice.

Although the digital revolution has changed the way most people interact with businesses, many utilities have struggled to keep up. More than ever, both IOUs & PUCs are under extensive pressure to reduce costs and improve operational performance to remain profitable and to achieve sustainable growth.

While most U.S. utility companies offer static FAQ sections, they are often difficult to navigate and frequently result in consumers having to call to get an answer to their query.

Synthetix is a global leading supplier of online customer service and knowledge to the utility sector. In fact, in water utilities alone, Synthetix systems are helping to support and serve more than 28.4 million customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and massive reductions in complaints.

  • Simple fixed rate pricing.
  • Straight forward implementation, days not months.
  • Ready-made Knowledge-base with up to the top 500* questions asked by utility customers.
  • *Dependent on tier level package.


Our omni-channel online customer service solutions help deliver FAQs and solve customer problems not only on the web, but across mobile platforms and in the contact center. We deliver answers to millions of questions a year through our web self-service technologies, reducing our clients’ inbound email and call volumes by 25%.

In fact our clients have reported a resolution rate of 90% by deflecting queries using web self-service, building strong customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

The Synthetix service platform comprises of three different levels, combining options of integrated natural language search, live chat and or a virtual agent.

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